The Oxford Protocol : Modules


Knowledge is only recognised and recognisable as knowledge when it is sited on a platform.  This situatedness applies to both the object of knowledge (what is known) and the subject of knowledge (the interpreter of the knowable).  Commonly this platform is thought about in terms of disciplinarity – this is why we notice distinctions between, say, sociological forms of inquiry and the knowledge they produce and police, and historical forms of inquiry.  But we contend that disciplinarity is actually a surface phenomenon.  What lies deeper is a set of structures of belief, protocols of investigation, explanation and description that constitute a set of pathways or relays which allow us to make and recognise knowledge.

Knowledge as sited is always in a dynamic relation to the knowable.  This necessarily entails a continuous fluctuation vis a vis the stable and the unstable.  The platform provides stability for discerning knowledge but what is identified as knowledge is always codependent and emergent.  The codependency is played out on the platform where subject and object interact.  The instability of emergent forms necessarily implicates the production of knowledge in strategies designed to reduce such instability.  This is why the surface phenomenon of disciplinarity utilizes forms and procedures for curating (stabilizing), disseminating (transmitting) and accrediting (valuing) knowledge.  Since the production of new knowledge is most likely to arise in the movements between unstable and stable states of the platform a de-disciplinary environment (call it a chaos environment within the platform) enhances the random and non-predictable conditions under which such knowledge emerges.  We need, then, both a more thorough mapping of the ways in which steady state and dynamic systems interact and protocols for producing and maintaining de-disciplinarity.

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