The Oxford Protocol : Modules


One of the founding assumptions of the Re-enlightenment Project has been a commitment to avoid the perils and parameters of disciplinary habitus. We know how easy it is to regress to disciplinary throat-clearing or word games. This would be ‘stuckness’ of a debilitating sort. Re-enlightenment without consideration of the peculiar characteristics of this historical moment would itself be debilitating. The context of the emerging economic world order (call it neo-liberalism or whatever) sets profound challenges for a re-enlightenment project. We live in a ‘media-saturated, technology-crazed apocalypse-fearing historical moment’.

The effects of this economic order on the production of knowledge and enlightenment are increasingly apparent: a focus on the instrumentalisation and technolisation of knowledge.  This is especially visible in bio-medical research, largely funded by drug and medical equipment producers. In universities the effect has been profound – institutions that were set up for enlightenment and the advancement of knowledge increasingly seek to restrict knowledge to that from which commercial benefits can be extracted.

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