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The notion of ‘stuckness’ leads onto a consideration of the nature of this historical moment without falling back within our disciplinary fortresses the new neoliberal world order seems to set certain parameters to ‘progress’. One of the features that is discernible in many fields is that of ‘inversion’, e.g. the new inversion of ‘democracy’. Democracy invented to defend the people against vested interests becomes inverted to represent vested interests against the people. This inversion is visible at an everyday and vernacular level. Some of our work speculates on the link of ‘stuckness’ to progress, but what does ‘stuckness’ looks like if we imagine we are in the midst of a runaway ‘regress narrative’? Inversion and regress certainly sit well together. Politics are no longer about managing the economy to satisfy the demands of voters: they are increasingly about getting voters to endorse policies that meet the demands of the political economy.

To explore some of these issues of inversion and regress some studies focus on how neoliberalism embeds a specific rationality in everyday social organisation. This is epochral shift towards a social and political order dominated by the prioritisation of market logics.

The portal I have become interested in to confront these issues is peoples’ life narratives. What kinds of narratives and voices become prioritised when a market economy turns into a wholesale market society? The distinctive features of the stories told in our times is that they articulate individual life in a way that excludes or suppresses (the) possibility of tracking down the links concerning individual fate to the ways and means by which a society as a whole operates’.

By studying the current situation through the life narratives people construct we may see how stuckness operates at the level of everyday life where people render accounts of their life experience.

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