The Oxford Protocol : Modules

The Oxford Protocol

Conceptual architectures for advancing knowledge on a dedisciplinary platform

Our aim at the Oxford meeting is to propose, refine and create the conceptual architectures that  either in combination or singly may advance knowledge within the dedisciplinary environment we are calling a ‘platform’.   Indeed – see below – ‘platform’ is one such conceptual architecture.  We shall not aim to be exhaustive – our goal is not to collate every such conceptual architecture – rather we seek to exemplify through the construction of a protocol that can be used by others in pursuit of the same ends: the advancement of knowledge.

These architectures are likely to be heteromorphic.  Part of our business in Oxford will be to examine and identify their different structures and modes of making sense.  Such work will clarify the forms and types of connectivity that operate on this platform so that we may better understand how to achieve our aim of advancing knowledge.

Ahead of our meeting we invite all participants to suggest possible contenders for inclusion in our protocol.  What we need here are short pieces of prose that set out a rationale for or provide an instantiation of a conceptual architecture that may operate on the platform either singly or in combination with others.  At our meeting we will discuss these gobbets of prose with the aim of coming to a common understanding of them in order to arrive by our meeting’s end at a document that will be the Oxford Protocol. The purpose of the meeting, then, is to make this protocol.

Some possible contenders for discussion – some of which already have more or less prose within our previous collective activity and documentation – are:

History of mediation
knowable spaces
Structure of reality

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